Acidic rubbish to take away

A constant exchange of material occurs between our bodies and the environment. We receive oxygen, nutrients and water from the environment. Our blood supplies body cells with all necessary substances. It also removes all unwanted substances. For this reason, both the necessary and unnecessary substances must be dissolved in the blood. The dissolved residues enter the blood and are delivered to the kidneys and lungs.

The most important regulators of the acid-alkaline balance of a human body are the kidneys. They remove neutralised acids, poisonous acid salts and similar substances from the body. In this case, if we lose 10 or 15 kilograms due to changing the diet or physical exercises, all these kilograms are removed via the kidneys and during sweating. This is why drinking a lot of water is so vital. The water that removes acid residues in the most effective way contains the appropriate amount of alkaline metals and hydroxyl ions OH-, and its pH value is higher than that of normal drinking water. Ionised alkaline water has all of these features.

Alkaline water dissolves solid acidic contaminants much easier, therefore, they can be removed by the kidneys more effectively. During exhalation, the volatile product of carbonic acid decomposition – carbon dioxide – is removed via the lungs. When a lot of carbon dioxide is produced, the body reacts with deep breathing, removing carbon dioxide is more intense and blood alkalinity is higher. This is why arterial blood coming from the lungs has the highest pH value.

Sweating is also a way to remove acid residues. It also allows us to maintain acidic environment of our skin, which protects us from viruses and bacteria.

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